Celebrity Lookalikes ... On a Bad Beauty Day

howard stern

Evan Agostini/Getty

This is ... Me?!

We all love to fantasize about our celebrity lookalikes. The Octomom thinks she's Angelina Jolie, and my Facebook friends include women who think they look like Naomi Watts, Gisele Bundchen, and Jennifer Aniston. Hmmm ....

Don't get me wrong, my friends are all lovely ladies, it's just that they don't really look like these celebs. In some cases, I think my friends are even prettier. But in some cases, let's be real, they're not.

It's funny how people always pick someone even better looking than they are. Maybe that says something about their confidence. When I tried to come up with a realistic celebrity lookalike the only person I could think of was ... Howard Stern.

Yup, Howard is my celebrity lookalike on a bad day—and probably on a good day, too.

Shoot me now.

Who's your celebrity lookalike when you're having a bad beauty day?

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