Buf-Puf -- Do You Still Use One?

Extra gentle buf-puf

Buf-Puf; $5

When I was younger, I was addicted to my Buf-Puf -- remember those? I used it every day. My skin would literally glow a healthy pink, and no wonder. That's the color you get when you almost draw blood.

I guess the Buf-Puf was a little too abrasive back then, or I used it much, or too aggressively, or all three. My dermatologist made me throw it out.

Then I switched to one of those apricot-scented scrubs with little pieces of pit or something, until they changed the formula to de-intensify the "scrub," probably because some dermatologist complained again.


I definitely went overboard. It's important to exfoliate, or slough away dead skin cells, regularly, but you have to be careful not to be too harsh or you'll dry out and damage your skin instead of revitalize it.

It's seems a little contradictory at first -- we use all these fancy moisturizers to protect and pamper our skin, then we're told to go and rub on it like sandpaper.

That's essentially what happens during microdermabrasion, another "scrubbing" procedure that I'd be quite addicted to if I had the money. This is where a trained esthetician or dermatologist literally "sands" away several layers of your skin cells with a high-speed sander to reveal fleshy, youthful skin underneath.

It's a tad uncomfortable, not to mention pricey, about the cost of a deluxe facial, but in my opinion the result is much better and longer lasting.


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What skin care treatment would you indulge in regularly if money were no object?

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