Beauty Machine: One Click Away from Beautiful

From Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons

de Brigitte Bardot

If there was a machine that would take a photo of your face, then print out a "more beautiful" you, would you try it?

I'm curious, but skeptical. I'd like to believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but apparently it's really a math equation.


Yahoo featured a great article on TAU's Beauty Machine that can scan in a photo and produce an image of how you would look if your features were aligned in the perfect "golden ratio." I read about this in Discover Magazine. This golden ratio came about after Dr. Stephen Marquardt, a plastic surgeon who worked solely on patients who had severe deformities, was faced with how best to help those in need of reconstruction, or in some cases, construction of a feature that didn't exist. He took the alignment of faces of those deemed beautiful and came up with a mathematical formula. One ratio: Beautiful people's mouths were 1.618 wider than their noses.

Are you measuring? I just did.

TAU's machine is supposed to produce images for those contemplating plastic surgery, so they can best see a rendering of what their face could look like. But the study itself isn't without flaws. When seeing the results of Brigitte Bardot at her prime, the outcome wasn't favored over the original.

What are your thoughts on this machine?


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