Makeup on a Man? Johnny Weir's Must-Have Advice

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Fur-loving U.S. Men's Figure Skater Johnny Weir spoke with Bella Sugar on how to get a performance-worthy makeup look.

BS: What makeup item should every self-respecting man own?

JW: "Blot powder or concealer. I don’t consider looking like a shiny mess manly. Men need to understand the importance of their skin and beauty regime; there’s nothing not-masculine about taking care of yourself. The face you present to the world is the most important one.


BS: How do you keep your on-the-ice look natural but still ensure it has a lot of impact?

JW "I highlight what I think is good about my face. I make sure to brush my eyelashes so my eyes are wide and alive. I make sure not to wear any muddy foundations that will cover up my natural skin tone, and I highlight my bone structure with bronzing powder. Highlighting the goodness in what your mama gave you is what beauty is all about."


I have to say I'm not a fan of men in makeup. There are some rock stars who can definitely get away with it (while they're performing), and it's okay if someone is making a T.V., film, or stage appearance and needs a little color. Other than that, I'll take my man makeup-free, thanks.


What do you think about men wearing makeup? Does your significant other own concealor? Are you going to run out and get him some?

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sodapple sodapple

i am so not going to go and get him some, he'll be looking at me as if i'm nuts for offering that advice, lol. i do not think men should wear make up with the exception of newcasters, movies and models but not for everyday life, it freaks me out.

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