Big Glasses Are Back

big glasses woman

Photo by Andy Julia (via Pandora)

I went to pick out new eyeglasses the other day, and the optometrist's assistant told me she can't keep the big Ray-Ban Wayfarer-style glasses (similar to the ones worn above) on the shelf. These big and dark-rimmed glasses are selling like hotcakes.

Really? Big glasses are back? I mean, I kinda knew already but really?


I already lived through the era of oversized Sally Jessy Raphael eyewear. Do we really have to go back to ginormous opticals?

Yep, even more big eyeglasses sightings...

big white eye glasses woman

Photo from Stylesightings

large black vintage eyeglasses

Photo from comeuppances

What do you think of big glasses? Are you ready for their comeback?

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