Chanel Particuliere: The "It" Nail Polish I Need Now

chanel particuliere

Photo from Nordstrom

$23, if you're willing to wait

But hurry!

It's amazing that something as simple as nail polish can send normally civilized women into a feeding frenzy. Take the latest limited-edition hue from Chanel: Particuliere. The mauve-y mushroom color sold out instantly at and it's on back order at Nordstrom.


Jade, Chanel's last limited-edition polish sold out within 40 minutes of its launch and fetched over $200 on Ebay.

I'm starting to sweat. I don't even wear nail polish that often. I limit it to my toes—and summer month only. But knowing that everyone wants this polish makes me want it too. I have to have it. Now!

Are you with me?

If you like the color, but aren't crazy enough to search the world for it, pay 23 bucks for it (or the even crazier Ebay asking prices), some beauty experts say you can get a similar look with Chinchilly by Essie, $8 at Essie Shop, but it's not close enough for me (though it is the top seller on the site and now you know why).

Have you ever gone completely nuts over a beauty product? What did you go through to get it? How much did you spend?

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