The Dry Clean Only Clothing Boycott

dry cleaner

No more Dry Clean Only clothing for me. That's it.

What about you?


From now on, I'm not even going to TRY ON clothes that are dry clean only (or hand wash only for that matter). I've finally realized my life is just not conducive to dry clean only anymore.

First of all, it's expensive. and that cost makes me tend toward wearing those clothes less often — for fear of getting them dirty and thus costing myself money. Now what's the point of having clothes you're afraid to wear?

Second of all, I work at home. There's cat hair. And kids in and out. And trips to the garbage can and the backyard. In the summer, it's super sweaty. I slop coffee, tea, and food on myself a lot eating at my desk. If I get new clothes, which isn't super often, I want to be able to wear those clothes every day, not wait for a special house-free, kid-free, pet-free occasion.

Since I've started getting dressed every morning in my cuter clothes, I've noticed how many of my clothes aren't washable. I guess, in my mind, I still haven't made the switch from working outside the home to working at home. There are so many things I won't wear because I'm afraid I'll get them dirty.

Luckily, a lot of the places I shop (Target, Gap, Old Navy, etc.) have plenty of cute washable options and even some of the higher end shops are selling more washable clothes.

However, I like to buy petite sizes whenever possible since I'm short and short waisted. While Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Anthropologie are now offering petite sizes, it's usually online only. And particularly in the cases of Banana Republic and Anthropologie, I'm not paying those prices or even sales prices without trying things on.

But I'm sticking to this new dry clean only boycott — except *maybe* in rare cases where maybe I need a special occasion dress — I'm not even going to tempt myself by trying on things I have to pay to clean and therefore avoid wearing often.

I want a wardrobe I can wear well and wear often.

Do you buy dry clean only clothing? Why or why not?

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