How Often Do You Look in the Mirror?

toddler girl mirror

Photo by Punkylu78

I have to admit I have actually gone days without looking in the mirror. It's true!

What about you? Compulsive mirror checker or chronic mirror avoider?

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Maybe it's an age thing (I'm 39) or a basic busy-ness thing, but I barely look, I mean *really* look, in the mirror anymore. I mean, I get the moisturizer on and keep the eyebrows in shape and brush my hair and teeth in the bathroom mirror and then do a brief outfit check in the full-length mirror, but most days, I'm just getting "the job" done, so to speak; I'm not really *looking* at myself.

I remember recently coming across an unexpected mirror and being a little shocked at what I saw. Not in a bad way or anything. I'm not sure if I actually didn't recognize myself from not looking in awhile or maybe I just had one of those occasional "so this is how other people see me..." moments or maybe both. But that's when it occurred to me how very little looking I do anymore.

What about you?

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