Michelle Obama's Hair Stylist Shares His Top Tips


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The secret to great hair?

Michelle Obama's hair always looks great (and so does the rest of her). Of course, she can afford a great stylist and most of us can't. But we can follow some of her hair stylist's free advice.


Johnny Wright, stylist to the First Lady, shared these tipe with InStyle:

1. Use the right tools. Use a ceramic round brush for textured hair and a rubber-based brush for fine hair.

2. Deep condition. True shine starts at the root. Deep condition to soften and nourish the hair shaft every time you shampoo. There's no such thing as too much deep conditioning.

3. Give your hair a rest. If you style it a lot and use lots of products, keep your hair down and natural one day to give your cuticles a chance to flatten and rebond to the hair shaft. Your hair will be stronger and shinier.

4. Ponytails are posh. A ponytail can go from day to night if it's done right. Make it more elegant by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic or part your hair on the side before gathering it all at the base of your neck.

5. Use the right elastic. Wright likes Goody colored elastics. Match the band to your hair color—it's an easy way to make a style look elegant.

For more tips, see Michelle Obama's Style.

What are your secrets to keeping your hair looking great?

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