What's the Best Fashion Deal You've Scored Lately?


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I'd like to think I'm in an in-between stage with my body -- I had my twins just about three months ago and while I'm not fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes, I plan on it someday.

In the meantime though I need to get some clothes that fit...and look cute. And most importantly, not spend a lot!


To the internets I went! My favorite way to shop is online...it's so much easier to go through the sale section than to sift though a sale rack at the store. But I do know women who are pros at it -- I'm just not one of them.

I also subscribe to my favorite stores' mailing lists so they alert me of deals and coupon codes.

I ended up buying a pair of jeans, exactly like the ones I already have, just in a size that fits. We won't talk about the exercise bike I splurged on to fit into those other jeans.

Are you a savvy shopper? What is the best fashion deal you scored lately?


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