Hang Your Boots in the Closet: Good Idea

closet shoes boots hanging

Photo from Sasa

HANG up your boots. Don't just let them sag over, get creased, and lose their shape in the bottom of your closet.

What a great idea for hanging those great-looking winter boots in the closet — spotted in the above photo from Sasa, found via Decor8.


This simple boot-hanging idea employs the use of a sturdy, inexpensive paper clip and, I'm supposing, a nail on the wall. So easy!

Of course, I'd suggest putting a soft cloth or tissue between your boot and the clip, just to be safe and especially for warm weather storage months.

The slate gray backdrop wall here sure makes the boots LOOK great too.

Other boot-hanging ideas:

How do you store your tall boots in the closet?

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