Great Fixes For Tarnished Jewelry

How many pieces of jewelry have you gotten rid of or just never wear anymore because it was tarnished or the gold or silver chipped away? The ring is this photo used to belong to my aunt Tena, who was like a second mom to me. When she passed away, my uncle gave it to me. It was her favorite ring and I remember it always being on her finger, so much so, it was in pretty bad shape with all the gold chipped off. I wore it anyway because it reminded me of her, but I always felt it needed to be restored.


My husband knew how special it was to me, and for my birthday, he took it to a jeweler and had it plated. I think it was the best gift ever!

And it was fairly inexpensive...just $50!

I asked my DH the cost because it made me realize that I can do this with other pieces, too. Like that really cheap charm I bought at a flea market or even a child's favorite Lego...these types of things can be plated in gold or silver from your local jeweler. Plus, lots of people do this for their baby's shoes as well. So I guess you can do this with lots of things.

Great idea, right?

If your pieces are just tarnished and not chipped, there are some great home remedies for cleaning silver right here on CafeMom. RadiantSkin is a jeweler's daughter and recommends soaking silver in hot sauce!

What other tips do you have?

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