Mo'Nique Doesn't Shave Her Legs: Does That Gross You Out?


Photo from Getty/Frazer Harrison

Actress and comedian Mo'Nique recently stepped up to receive both a Golden Globe award and a SAG award for her mesmerizing and haunting role in Precious (she's so dang good in that movie, people!).

But, amidst all the glamour, she's also strutting her stuff openly as a leg hair wearer.


On The View, Mo'Nique showed her leg hair and "real legs" off to the audience and explained to the ladies that she can't be bothered every morning to shave her legs. She even showed her hairy legs off on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Her good-looking husband doesn't seem to mind a bit.

Does this non-leg-shaving thing freak you out? I don't mind a bit. In fact, I barely shave my own legs. I never shave my legs in the wintertime, and I shave maybe once a month or so in the summertime. Of course, I don't have a whole lot of leg hair to begin with, and it's light in color and pretty fine. In other words, I'm not trying to call myself brave or revolutionary here.

For whatever reason, though (maybe it was all those Women's Studies classes), leg hair on women has never bothered me. Even underarm hair on women barely phases me — other than the fact that it is so rare anymore.

And I love what Megan at Jezebel says on the subject: "Like weight, age, race, ethnicity and every other physical thing under the sun, you can undoubtedly find men that won't desire certain women because they don't shave their legs. Screw those guys (or, rather, don't, as the case may be). There are plenty of skinny, young white depillitated women out there for them to pursue, and you deserve someone who is attracted to you, not some 'better' version of you."

Leg hair has never been a "deal breaker" in my relationship nor does it bother me when women wear it or even flaunt it. I'm just not that rigid about the American beauty ideal. Wear makeup or don't. Have long hair or short. Shave or don't. I think lots of looks are beautiful.

Do unshaved legs on women gross you out? Why or why not?


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