Venus Williams Playing Tennis Without Underwear?

Venus Williams tennis

Photo from Getty/Mark Dadswell

Venus Williams is playing her heart out at the Australian Open. However, everyone's more interested in whether Ms. Williams left her pant-ies on the ground somewhere.

Do you really think she's playing tennis without underwear?


I have a hard time believing Venus is really panty-free under that scanty yellow tennis outfit; however, the undies must be PRETTY small to cause this much speculation. We're seeing a lot of bootie and other questionable scenes (even if we're trying hard *NOT* to look).

Personally, I think the outfit's fine, but she might want to bust out the next size in under-knickers. After all, we want to watch her game down under, not her heinie and her hoo-hoo down under, right?

Do you or have you ever gone commando? What were the circumstances?

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