Keep Warm, Wear Less

There's a thin Japanese fabric with the technology to generate heat in cold weather...and it's not a bulky wool. Sounds like magic! We don't have to wear ten layers to prevent frostbite?


I've been seeing ads for something called HeatTech in the NYC subways. I thought it was about something to put in my boiler system. I don't own a house so it wasn't important to me. But this morning, I looked closer and realized it was from Uniqlo, the store that's like Japanese version of the Gap that came to NYC about two years ago.

Even though Uniqlo isn't all over the U.S. yet, I think this fabric is something we all need. And it will probably be coming to other retailers soon as well...fashionable retailers. Would you say goodbye to your heavy winter coat and layer with this fabric instead?

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