5 Long Gloves to Loves

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Sheri Reed
Jan 19, 2010
Beauty & Style

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  • Mossimo Long Leather Gloves -- $17.99


    Mossimo Long Leather Gloves at Target; $17.99

    Long 100% leather gloves in black.

  • Wanna Be Your Glove-r -- $18.99


    Wanna Be Your Glove-r at ModCloth; $18.99

    Elbow-length knit gloves available in six colors: sherwood green, soft grey, deep sea blue, purple passion, midnight black, and red, red rose.

  • Ribbed Cashmere Gloves -- $45


    Ribbed Cashmere Gloves at J.Crew; $45

    Soft and warm ribbed cashmere gloves in bright ivory, heather dust, and dark poppy.

  • Elsa Gloves -- $78


    Elsa Gloves at Anthropologie; $78

    Wool, viscose, cashmere, nylon, and angora gloves in grey with delicate ruffles and pretty buttons.

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