Silk Long Underwear: Keep Super Warm

silk long underwear

Interlock Low-Rise Pant from WinterSilks; $24.95

Just got this great tip from Martha on how to dress for cold weather: WinterSilks silk long underwear. Perfect for a range of winter weather and look great under your skinny jeans!

Martha should know. She lives in freakin' cold Minneapolis. Brrr!


"silksilksilksilksilk," says Martha. "I can't stress enough how warm [silk] is, even though it is thin. Silk long underwear is the best, and you can wear it under your skinny jeans."

Sure beats bulky long johns, huh?

WinterSilks long underwear range from lightweight to heavyweight and come in sizes XS (4) to 3X (26-28). They offer both tops and bottoms in several cuts, including low-rise, as well as petite and tall sizes and long underwear for men and children.

Do you have any tips for dressing for cold weather? How do you keep warm and maybe even stylish in the winter months?


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