5 Top Beauty Trends for 2010


Photo by mom2trewife2vic

Glamour magazine's beauty editor was on The Early Show yesterday to tell us how we can all make a bold, beautiful statement with this year's beauty trends.


1. Wild nails. Soft pink is out and bright, glittery, off-beat colors are in—like one of Cafe Sheri's faves, Dick Weed.

2. All-over eye shadow. Skip the eyeliner and the mascara and sweep shadow way out and up. Go neutral or opt for bright or smoky hues.

3. Messy hair. Messy buns, textured ponytails, and tousled waves are all part of the bedhead trend. Don't tease hair too much or you'll look like you're trying too hard.

4. Bright lips. And by bright, Glamour means fuchsia, orange, and retro red—during the day.

5. Rosy lips and cheeks. Dust your cheekbones with a pretty pink blush and apply a similar gloss or lipstick. This should look monochromatic.

I never wear makeup or nail polish (except on my toes during summer). I do, however, have one head of messy hair. I'd like to think I'm responsible for starting that trend. My secret? Not brushing it.

Do you follow beauty trends or do you always keep the same look?

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