Secret Sales: Get Designer Clothing on the Cheap

Who can afford designer clothes? Tuition, house payments, diapers, cat food! It all adds up and our wardrobe is often the first thing we have to cut the splurging on. But there is a secret shopping society that wants CafeMoms to be able to get Gucci, Frye, Betsey Johnson, Cole Haan, and others at up to 80 percent off!


RueLaLa to the rescue! Today's sale is Gucci bags. I wonder what our private group Fendi Moms will think of this! Each day brings a new sale and items sell fast. They not only sell stuff for you, but for men and items for the home, too.

Here's your special CafeMom code to access the sales:

  • Go to
  • Select "Invited by a Member"
  • Enter this email address as your key to get in:

I can't wait for the Betsey Johnson sale on Friday!

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