"Nobody Wants to See a Round Woman" in Fashion Mags -- I Do!

Brigitte magazine cover

Brigitte magazine

Finally, a fashion magazine depicting "ordinary" women and no professional models (except in paid advertising)!

The January issue of German fashion magazine Brigitte hit the newsstands, according to the Independent. Inside, at last, you'll see glossy fashion spreads that include a teacher, a hotel receptionist, a restaurant owner, an artist, and a student, ranging in ages from 21 years old to 45 years old.

Are you ready to see average and ordinary women in fashion magazines?


I don't know about you all, but this news is music to my ears. I'm ready for this "ordinary-ness" trend to catch on. Not only do I want to see a range of women's bodies when I look at fashion, but I would LOVE to see women with bodies like mine.

I love clothes and trying to formulate my own sense of style. However, it's so jacked up trying to shop catalogs and online for clothes and style inspiration and not ever see what clothes and styles really look like on a woman with breasts and hips. I'm always looking at blouses and trying to mentally insert breasts into them to see how they might look on me.

Of course, creepy 71-year old German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has already said, "Nobody wants to see a round woman."

Total bologna, Karl. Isn't it a fashion expert's job to create clothes or coordinate outfits that make any woman look and feel fabulous (love you, Stacy and Clinton)? Shouldn't this be your job? Isn't this how you should use your talents? Doesn't this kind of stunted thinking only limit your creative possibilities? I mean, wow, you can make a gorgeous, thin woman look fabulous...congratu-frickin-lations...

Read more from Brigitte editor Andreas Lebert and the magazine's "normal women as models" campaign in the Indepedent article

What are your thoughts on Brigitte's "no model" campaign? Should fashion bodies and ordinary bodies be kept separate? Or are you ready to see some average bodies in fashion mags?

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