Beauty Bargains: Sale at Sephora

bliss body butter

Photo from Sephora

Bliss Body Butter, $4

I usually don't shop at Sephora—I love the stuff, but it's too expensive. I still like to check out the site occasionally and it appears that the company has finally realized not everyone has deep pockets.


For one thing, there's a sale going on—lots of great products are only $10 or less. You can also get three free samples with every purchase. Plus, returns are free—being able to return makeup you buy over the Internet is key!

I still can't afford to buy a lot of the stuff Sephora sells, but if they keep doing stuff like this, maybe I can get myself a little beauty treat once in a while.

Do you shop at Sephora? Where do you usually buy your makeup and skincare products?

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