Cropped White Fur Coats: Makin' Me All Warm & Fuzzy

cropped white fur coat vintage

Vintage White Rabbit Cropped Fur Coat from dear golden

Rihanna and Vanessa Minnillo (Nick Lachey's girlfriend) both rocked cropped white fur coats (maybe faux, maybe real; who knows?) at the New Year's Eve event in Times Square the other night.

Do I feel an oh-so-soft vintage trend coming on? 


My mom gave me her 1950s cropped white fur coat that I still adore (although I would never buy fur myself and it horrifies my mom that she ever owned fur).

The coat is cropped with 3/4 sleeves, like Rihanna's and Vanessa's New Year's coats were. Wow, does that mean I might already own something timely and fashionable? Gee, now I just need some long opera gloves and somewhere to go...

What do you think of the cropped white fur coat?

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