Do You Get Dressed Every Day?

Do you get dressed to leave the house... every single morning... whether you leave the house or not?

Well, I don't, but I think that's got to change.


I've been working on my New Year's Resolution to Find Joy in a More Balanced Life, and one of my first month's goals is to get dressed as if I'm leaving the house every week day morning (I work from home).

I love to tease people that I'm wearing my pajamas while emailing from work (sometimes it's no lie!), but the truth is I find I'm much more productive on the days I shower and/or get dressed to leave the house before I start the work day (before I check a single email!). It's been a hard lesson, especially in winter when it's so warm and comfy to stay in sweats all day long. However, I have to admit I do better when I start the day off ready to go.

First off, I walk my son to the bus every morning, and he about died when I wore my pajama top under my coat one morning. While I love to torture him, wearing my PJs out is not something I'm proud to be able to do each day. Secondly, I do *have to* leave the house every day at some point to go back to the bus stop in the afternoon and then later to drive and pick up my youngest from preschool. So, if I don't start off my day ready to go, then I have to interrupt the flow of my work day to shower and change. And believe me, once I get going, I need all the minutes in a row that I can get.

Whether it's the weekend or you're a SAHM or a WAHM, what's your experience with getting dressed each morning? Necessary or makes no difference in your day? And what are we talking here — pants or sweat pants?


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