What to Wear to a Job Interview

Job interviews can be really nerve-wracking, and sometimes what's worse than the actual interview is choosing what to wear!

I looked through CafeMom answers and went into my virtual closet for some ideas and looks that will have you dressed to impress.


These ideas are really versatile and you can wear them again and again. Forget the notion that you have to wear that stuffy interview-only suit that's collecting moth balls in the back of your closet. And you might even be able to put an outfit together without going to the store.

When Sue41 asked what she should wear to her job interview, I think drowninginboys said it best. She said to dress how they would dress, but take it up a notch. If you know they wear jeans and polo shirts to work, wear khakis and a blouse.

There was a discussion going on in The CafeMom Newcomers Club on the best interview attire with lots of great responses. motherlee1 said to skip jeans and wear slacks or a skirt. I totally agree.

I love the idea of a pop color, a shade that is happy, to set a joyful tone for your meeting. The looks above can be worn with the item below it, but you can mix and match everything together with the exception of the yellow skirt. You can wear that with the jacket or the blazer.

Check out your closet. Do you have black slacks and a tunic? What about a belt that cinches at your natural waist? Put all that on with a black blazer and you're set. You can substitute the pants and tunic with a dress, too.

Most importantly, wear a smile and your confidence.

Got another tip? Share your ideas on what to wear to a job interview below!

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