Top 20 Beauty & Style Buzz Stories of 2009

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We've put together the top 20 stories in 2009 from Beauty & Style Buzz. See what posts got you talking about fashion and beauty this year!


From fashion trends like Bright Colored Jeans, Long Maxi Dresses, and Skinny Jeans to new products like Bumpits and Cosmetyn, the stretch mark cure, you enjoyed discussing lots of the latest Beauty & Style Buzz. You even took on Moms with Tattoos, Kate Gosselin's Hair, and Moms with Pink Hair.

Here are the top stories that got you talking the most in 2009...

Top 20 Beauty & Style Buzz Stories of 2009

20. Bright Colored Jeans: Do or Don't?

19. Wear An Apron -- Look Hot in the Kitchen

18. Inexpensive Mineral Makeup

17. I Want to Learn How to Crochet

16. Plus-Size Model Stirs Up the Runway at Fashion Week

15. The Great Skinny Jean Debate

14. Moms with Tattoos!

13. Kate Gosselin's Hair: Do or Don't?

12. Could Brazilian Waxing Become Illegal?

11. Would You Wear Hair Extensions?

10. Yellow Wedge Sandals: Should I Buy Them?

9. Poo Free: Would You Try It?

8. Bumpits: Get Big Happy Hair

7. Should a Mom Have Pink Hair?

6. Wedding Rings: Does Size Really Matter?

5. Michelle Obama's Inauguration Dress

4. Banana Clips: Hot New Hair Accessory!

3. Does Your Bra Match Your Panties?

2. Cosmetyn: The Stretch Mark Cure?

1. Long Maxi Summer Dresses: Who Can Wear Them?

What are your favorite beauty or style trends or products for 2009?


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