Lingerie for Your Toes (yep!)

lingerie toes hosiery

Photo from Voet Hosiery

Sometimes, toes need lingerie too. Well, don't they?

Truly, don't you want to wear open-toed shoes in winter but have an unsightly pedicure (otherwise known as "no pedicure since summer")? Or maybe when you finally do dress up, you want to go the extra nine yards and doll up everything — yes, even your toes.

Well, say hello to Voet Hosiery and their Lingerie Toes, found via Daily Candy.


Lingerie Toes can dress up a pair of closed-toe heels with a little peek-a-boo lace. Or you can wear the lacy little peds with open-toed shoes and really shoe off your sexy toe lingerie.

What do you think of Lingerie Toes? Would you wear these?

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