Holiday Tipping: How Much Do You Give for Beauty Services?

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According to the financial folks at the Today show, there is an etiquette to holiday tipping. Here are their rules for tipping the people who make you even more gorgeous than you already are: hair stylist, colorist, manicurist, facialist, brow tamer.


1. People you go to regularly should get a holiday tip. If you get a pedicure once a year, don't sweat it.

2. A gift may be more appropriate than a gift. The more personal the relationship, the more it might seem awkward to give cash.

3. If you don't feel comfortable giving cash, gift cards are okay, but make sure it's one you know the person will use.

So how much do they say you should you tip? Anyone you go to weekly or monthly should get a top equivalent to the cost of one to two visits. If you get beauty treatments less frequently (a hair cut every three months), you can reduce the tip to half a visit or give a small gift instead.

What if you simply can't afford to tip? Write a thank you note and give it with some homemade cookies.

Do you tip your beauty providers more around the holidays? How much do you give? Do you give gifts instead? Or just the usual tip?

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