And the Bride Wore... Rubber Boots!


bride groom truck bride rubber boots

That's right...autumn and winter brides are being seen wearing rubber boots under their wedding dresses.

Once I see something twice around these interwebs, I start to wonder if it's going to be the next new trend. So what do you think about women wearing rubber boots under the bridal gown?

On the left, bride Mindy and groom Jonathan, as photographed by Susan Stripling and seen on Green Wedding Shoes, show off their knee-high Hunter boots with their wedding attire. On the right, bride Connie, as photographed by Altura Studio and seen on {frolic}, shows off a peek of her mid-calf wellies.

Personally, I think this is pretty cute. And hey, every cold-weather bride deserves dry feet.

What are the strangest shoes you've seen on a bride?


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Haisa... HaisaiUrumaAnma

That just doesn't match with the wedding dress and looks so ridiculous but that is my opinion.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I think the rubber boots are cute. I wore black combat boots with my gown.

Lumin... LuminousMom

I think its adorable and fun - why do people have to be so stuck up and stiff about weddings anymore? Its almost 2010! I think its time for weddings to be more personal, more creative, more custom.. and less canned. Kudos to these brave brides for being original :)

Cafe... Cafe Cynthia

I love this idea! It snowed on my wedding day, I wish I had thought to wear boots, even for a little while. I LOVE my green Hunter rainboots. I would sleep in them if I could.

Alieda Alieda

 No rubber boots with a bride gown , if you want a more creative weeding have it but please do not wear rubber boots with a tradition gown. If you have a down home wedding with farmers bib cover alls yes it would like cute. Just try to match things up,

Julie Middleton

We had horrible weather the week I got married. Knowing how I was freaking out after the rehearsal dinner my maid of honor presented me with a darling pair of white wellies that I did wear the next day. Also, my attendants wore pink ones. It took the edge off and the wedding was a lot of fun. Since then I was a bridesmaid and all of us got together with the bride and selected a color for boots.

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