Your Man's Cleavage: Making a Style Comeback?

button-down collared shirt

If we're to believe the looks on the fall fashion runways and this article "More Men Have Something They Want to Get Off Their Chests -- Their Shirts" in the Wall Street Journal, we may be seeing a lot more man chest in 2010.

Happy or sad?


Man cleavage and plunging necklines — I suppose I won't mind as long as there are no gold chains or crazy hair patches involved. And, you know, as long as all the chests look like Taylor Lautner's chest.

However, you and me both know this isn't going to be the case.

Instead, the hairiest of freakiest guys will try sporting the deep V-necks and low-cut T-shirts and unbuttoning their collared shirts a smidge too far down — even on their late night trips to the grocery. Please no! Spare us all!

Thoughts on man cleavage? Do you want to see your man rockin' it? Yay or nay?


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