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Ladies, it's time to clean out your makeup bags. Dig out that barely-used lipstick, the mascara that expired six months ago, and the moisturizer tube that you can't squeeze another drop out of. Clean out the containers, and no matter what the brand, bring them to the nearest Origins store.


As part of the company's Return to Origins Recycling Program, Origins will send all returned packaging to a central location where they will be recycled. In return, you'll get a free sample of your choice of one of Origins skincare products.

Origins started the program earlier this year, and I think it's great. It's rare that cosmetics and beauty product packaging gets recycled and our landfills are jam-packed with the stuff. I haven't tried it yet myself so I'm not sure how big the sample is, but I think it's a win-win situation—I'll get rid of some trash, get to try a new product for free, and I'll be doing my part to help save the planet.

Take note: You can also bring products to Origins counters in department stores. You'll only get one free sample per visit (not per product).


Have you tried the program? Think you will? What do you do with your old makeup?


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