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There are a lot of ways to wear a scarf and this accessory not only keeps you warm, but looks really cool even with a short sleeve shirt. But how do you tie it so it looks good?

Thankfully, I met One Chic Mama and she's got some great tips on how to perfect the tie around the neck.

One Chic Mama says that heavy or thick scarves look better with outerwear, while the lighter ones look great with a t-shirt or a sweater.

Starting from the top left, here are her scarf looks:

Simple tie. Best with your winter coat's collar turned up and the scarf lying under the collar to help secure it.

One loop around. Wrap long scarf once around neck.

Loop around and knot. Fold a large triangular scarf or shawl with fringe in half with the points in front. Wrap around back once and tie in front. 

Bib style. Take a square scarf and fold in half. Tie in back. 

Shawl wrap. Drape around your shoulders and tie in front. Or leave one end longer and sweep it over your shoulder for more drama and warmth. 

Fold, tie, and loop. Fold long scarf in half lengthwise, wrap around your neck, and pull the ends through   

Let it hang.  Let a long scarf hang around the back of your neck so that the two ends are in front, on either side (not pictured).


I love the "loop around and knot" look!

Aside from around my neck, I love to wear a thin scarf as a belt, too. I've also tied them onto my purse strap for a little extra burst of color (and it's handy if it gets chilly).

What do you think? Do you have other ideas on how to wear a scarf?


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cinva... cinvargas

cuteee ideas!

xtashax xtashax

i have so many scarves and now i remember how to use them! thanks. it seems like i lost all fashion sense while i was pregnant.

ABoni... ABonitaScarf

Have you seen the cool head scarf that you don't have to tie, it is called the ABonita Scarf designed by breast cancer survivor, it has a built in adjustable headband that snaps! They can be found at boutiques across the country or online at

Stacy119 Stacy119

LOL! It's amazing how trivia like this that was so interesting before the kids were born slips out of a mother's mind when she's got child-minding to tend to.

Taylor Williams

I loveeee scarves! I found this site that shows you 37 ways to tie a scarf!

nonmember avatar Chelsey23

This is how I tie my scarfs and they come out pretty nice

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