Your Prettiest -- All Dressed Up or Down?


I had to dress up last weekend for a special event, including lots of makeup, a glittery dress and hose. And I felt like a goofy clown. I'm just so thankful I'm not some famous, rich celebrity who has to walk the red carpet. That would be the absolute worst!


Strange as it sounds, I feel I look my best when I'm wearing jeans, sweats, clunky boots, pajamas, no makeup, my hair in a messy bun. I have no problem going to the store, to the movies or even a party dressed that way. One of my girlfriends won't even leave the house without makeup. It's funny how differently we feel about that.

I'm not going to get into all the pychoanalytical explanations that probably go along with my dressing-up insecurities, but I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I hate to call attention to myself. As JazzlikeMraz said in an Answers thread discussing this, I generally feel "awkward and out of place."

It seems as though I'm in the minority among CafeMoms.

Moms in Answers overwhelmingly said they feel prettier and more confident, "like a rock star," one of them said, when dressed to the nines.

"I have kind of a unique sense of style and will NOT leave the house in sweat pants or anything of the sort," says CafeMom MamaSyn. "I'm more comfortable and confident being dressed up. I'm only dressed down at bedtime and in the mornings or if I'm cleaning."

An anonymous mom added, "I feel good when am dressed up, but dressing up to me is also jeans and heels and a nice top or sweater."

Do you feel prettier and more confident dressed up or dressed down?

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