Holiday Clothes Shopping -- Pick Up a Few Things for Yourself?

baby wearing boots

Photo by thegbogles

I'm holiday shopping and I've just come across these really cute medium heel leather boots that I am temped to buy for me.

Thing is, I should be looking at sweaters for my mom and not presents for myself. I do this a lot, unfortunately. I'm out looking at women's clothes and gravitate toward the stuff that I like. And right now I'm really liking these boots.


Here's my rationale, lame as it is: I'm not a great in-store shopper, and I figure that all my sizes will be gone if I wait till after Christmas so better to snag it now at a slightly higher but still good price than risk not getting it at all. Smart, right?

Nevermind that I don't need those really pretty, two-toned leather boots that are $75 off the normal price. Ugh, so, tempting, but not enough to justify the expense. I'm trying so hard to be good.



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