Gwen Stefani vs. Nicole Richie

Gwen Stefani

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Nicole Richie

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty

It's time to vote...but this time it's on celebrity style! In the last showdown, Anne Hathaway beat Katherine Heigl. But who do you think looks better in this one: Gwen Stefani or Nicole Richie?


On the left, Gwen Stefani steps out in shorts and black stockings. It's daring, but works well with black booties and a fringed square-print top. Gwen doesn't often go out on the town without her trademark bright red lips.

On the right, Nicole Richie takes a classic white tank and glams it up with a vinyl tulip-bottom skirt. Nicole plays up her eyes with lots of lashes and wears a sequined headband.

Both of these women are fashion risk-takers, but who looks better?

Which outfit would you wear?


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