Vintage Magazine Debuts!

vintage magazine

Photo from Vintage Magazine

Just when there are way too many magazines folding, a new one is emerging...and it's in a class by itself.

Vintage Magazine isn't like other magazines, though. If I had to describe it. it's like a magazine's magazine. You know how when we describe a woman who is all things pro-woman and we call her a girl's girl? Well, that's how this magazine is.


But for those who really love magazines, the art of magazine production, and ecclectic content with a vintage slant, then you might just love this magazine.

Having worked in magazines for many years, I have to say I fell in love with it before I even opened it. The paper it's printed on, the way it's constructed, the gorgeous cover -- I couldn't wait to read it.

Inside there are stories on album cover art, the history of popular hairstyles, and the many thoughts and feelings on Barbie.

It will only print two times a year and it's $20 per issue, $32 for a year's subscription (two issues), or $60 for two years (four issues) -- so it's pricey, but for lovers of print, it's worth it. They sent me a copy to preview and while I'm not sure I would spend that much on every issue, I do really appreciate a new magazine and I want to support it -- I want it to be successful. 

You can also check out Vintage Magazine online.


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What do you think of Vintage Magazine debut?


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