Weekly Want: Bright Color Gloves

bright leather gloves

Photo from Urban Outfitters

yellow leather gloves

Photo from Urban Outfitters

















I am not daring when it comes to the color of my coats. I have a black one, a camel one, and a grey one. Not very exciting. Getting all bundled up because it's cold, isn't fun, but I think it's about time I jazzed it up a bit with my accessories. I mean, why go with boring colors? I need a color that pops.

When I saw these gloves I thought, That's it!


Urban Outfitters has Leather Ruched Gloves in jade, Leather Embroidered Gloves in yellow, and Leather Angle Gloves in red -- all $34 each!

I love the jade color best!

If you don't wear leather, there are great pop color Two Tone Knit Gloves from Nordstrom for $18. Super cute in purple!

Do you wear cold weather accessories in bright colors?


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