Discontinued Products Don't Have to Be Gone Forever


Photo from Giella

Victoria's Secret used to make a cucumber melon lotion that I loved, but then they stopped making it. I think JayGirlsMom and I both loved it...and miss it. Oh it was so fresh...and sadly I may never smell it again!

So while they can't replicate the cucumber melon scent, there is a company that will replicate your favorite discontinued lipstick, lipgloss, or nail polish. It's called Giella.

But let me warn you, it isn't cheap.


How it works is you send your old tube of lipstick, gloss, or polish (obviously it has to have some hint of color) to Giella and they will custom blend it to match. The cost? It's $27 for lipstick or gloss and $25 for nail polish.

Yikes! I guess if you loved the color so much and really couldn't live without it....

Would you ever pay that much to have your favorite discontinued shade replicated?


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