Change Purses Are So Vintage and Ladylike

change purses

Photo from Anthropologie

My grandma and aunt used to have the cutest change purses. I think it's because they played BINGO...and my aunt would do her laundry down the street so the change was needed.

I think it was my grandma that had a little beaded one with a sun on it and the word Florida -- she probably bought it as a souvenir from a trip down there with my papa. I inherited it and wish I still had it.

Anthropologie has some of the most adorable, vintage looking change purses.


How cute are these? Choose from a bird, fish, horse, or dinosaur ($18 each). I think I love the fish the best because the zipper is the mouth -- "eating" the coins.

Then there are the ornately designed ones like these....

coin purses

Photo from Anthropologie

The last one by the way is made up of owls and you can also go with the same style but with yellow bees or pink elephants. This one is $26, but the other three are $16 each.

I also love the idea of having all my change in a coin purse instead of weighing down my wallet. Plus, if I'm running to the store for something small, I can just pack a few bucks in this and try to use up my change instead of accumulating more.

You can also use this for some sewing thread and needles to carry in your purse in case you ever need a quick fix. Even add in some safety pins.

Do you use a change purse? Which one of these would you buy?

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