Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

woman with bangs

Me with shorter semi side swept bangs.

I've had short bangs that went straight across and I've also had really long side-swept bangs -- can you tell I'm a huge fan of bangs for myself?

The side swept bangs look better on me and that makes sense now that I've got these tips from stylist Antonio Prieto.

Bangs, or fringe as he calls them, can look great if you first identify your shape of face, then get the right fringe cut.


If you have a diamond shape face, or angular oval, Prieto thinks a short side-swept bang works the best -- it softens the angle.   

If you have a heart shaped face, where your chin is narrow and forehead is wide, go with bangs that are narrow -- not passing the outside of the eye.

If you have a triangle shaped face, with a narrow forehead and fuller jaw line, bangs -- any kind -- are a great idea to create width at the top.

If you have an oblong face, long and narrow, bangs can create width and a side-swept fringe is the best way to go, but make sure the bangs fall on or near the cheekbone for the best look.

If you have a round face, bangs may not work. Prieto says it will draw more attention to the fullness of the face, which can make you look wider. So consider that if your face is very round.

Do you have bangs or are considering getting some fringe?


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