The Perfect Blowout with the Parlay Brush?

blow out brushYou know how when you go to the salon and they blow dry your hair, it almost always looks fabulous? But then when you try to do it yourself, at home, it just never looks as smooth or as good?

I'm an embrace the waves in my hair kind of girl -- in fact, I wish I had more curl. But my sister loves her hair straight. And no matter how you wear your hair, some of us (ahem, me) can often spend lots of money at the salon.

Now I'm not saying to ditch the salon -- I love being pampered -- but wouldn't it be great to get a look as good as they can give you?

The makers at Parlay Brush say they can.


Stella Choi wanted big hair instead of her straight hair and after working at her parents beauty supply store, realized there wasn't a brush that really held her hair in place to give her the look she wanted. So Parlay Brush was born. This brush is actually called the Purple Brush and it comes in four sizes depending on how you want to wear your hair -- smaller brushes are better for more curl, larger for straightening. Prices start at $49 and go up to $58.

What do you think of the Purple Brush? Have you tried it? Is it worth the splurge to get salon looking hair?


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