Headbands Make Me Feel Cute


Photo by LuminousMom

I'm in love with headbands right now. I've been for a while, but since I've been pregnant and my rings no longer fit and long necklaces look odd against my belly, my favorite thing is to wear accessories in my hair.

I usually wear one on the weekend when I want to feel pretty -- it's an instant pick-me-up. And LuminousMom makes some really cute headbands and really great prices!


Sold on Etsy, LuminousMom -- aka Kristen -- makes an Ecofelt Flower Headband ($12.50) in many color combinations. Love how the blue and white looks against her blonde hair.

flower headband

Photo by LuminousMom

Or you can also go with a solid color of your choice like this Eco Felt and YoYo Flower Headband ($12.50). I want this one!

Set on an elastic band, they are one size fits all and as Kristen says, can also be worn as a necklace, wrapped around your wrist, to secure a ponytail in place...and many other creative uses.

So pretty!

What color or color combination would you buy?


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