The Truth About False Eyelashes

From Revlon

Apparently 48 percent of you fake in wear fake eyelashes. That's what I learned after checking out Pna1Dra6on's poll in All About Hair And Makeup

I had never worn them before my wedding, and for that, I had a makeup artist put them on. They were beyond fabulous. But the other night, I decided to give an inexpensive store-bought pair a try. Can you guess how long my Revlon's Fantasy Lengths lashes lasted?


All night long! Seven hours...and they were easy to remove...just some gentle soap and water. I have to say, I really loved wearing them.

CafeMom JessicaF1120 asked readers, Has anyone used false eyelashes? and kabbot01 had a great response. She uses the individual lashes because they look more natural and they're easier to put on. She takes a pair of tweezers, pinches the lashes, dips them in glue, and holds them to her lash line until they stick. has an interview with Shu Uemura lash expert, Soul Lee, who had some great tips:

  • Buy lashes that are 1/3 longer than your natural lashes. If too long, you can trim before applying for a better look.
  • Take a strip of lashes and cut in half, applying only to the outer corner for a flirty look.
  • Sensitive eyes should stay away from long-lasting glue. Regular glue or adhesive should be OK.
  • Curl lashes after you apply for a more dramatic look.

Think you can escape for five minutes alone in your bathroom to try applying some fake eyelashes for a night out?

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