Best Clothes for Your Body Type

clothes for busty women

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We all have different body types, but we don't see stores called Pear Shapes Shop Here or Busty Ladies Clothing Only -- there's one store and all the clothes are lumped in. Which can make it hard to find the right clothes.

Sometimes it gives me a headache trying to find out. And if you are like me, and hate trying on clothes when shopping, it means lots of returns.

InStyle magazine has a feature called Shop Your Shape: Ten Outfits for Day or Night -- and they take some of that guess work out of the shopping equation.

That's good news!


If you're busty, this look (above right) works well.

Why? This tailored button-down shirt and blazer are specifically made to fit ample chests without looking sloppily oversize. Cuffed jeans and heels add extra polish.

pear shaped clothing ideas

Photo by Time Inc. Digital Studio

If you're pear-shaped, this look (right) works well.

Why? The trousers are cut roomier in the thighs. The jacket falls below the hips -- shorter, it would accentuate the behind; longer, it seems matronly.

Check out InStyle for more body types and the best looks as well as info on where to buy these items.

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