Makeup Remover: What's Best for Your Eyes

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I'm not a big believer in a branded makeup remover. I've always used Vaseline or just some Dove soap and water on my sensitive eyes. I wear lots of mascara and both do the trick. I know some think Vaseline is a terrible idea, but it's also moisturizing and I've heard that Tyra Banks swears by it (she says it keeps her wrinkle free).

It seems that a lot of CafeMoms use what we all use on the tushies of wipes! I have to say that I'm a bit skeptical.


Let's just say that I've used baby wipes on other areas with not such great results. But when RaulitosMommy asked CafeMoms what makeup remover was good for senstive eyes, baby wipes was a popular answer.

LilacnRoses also asked about makeup remover and some suggested baby wipes, but quite a few said baby oil. Mary Kay eye makeup remover was also mentioned a few times.

What works well for you? What is your favorite eye makeup remover?


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