Smell Like Pam Anderson

pam anderson malibu perfume


If you could smell like Pam Anderson, would you?

That's a weird question. But I would imagine this beach babe would smell like a combination of coconut oil with a surf and sand vibe. And I'm right -- sort of. Pam just launched her first perfume line, complete with a day and night scent.


Malibu Blue has hints of wild berries and white florals, and Malibu Pink combines sandalwood, caramel, and vanilla bourbon. Both sound like they would smell really good. Prices start at $39 and the line is found in drugstores.

"I am a drugstore whore," Pamela told People magazine. "I worship drugstores. You have to pull me out of them. My dream is for every woman to be able to go to her favorite drugstore and buy an affordable fragrance which will make her feel sexy."

Pam's perfumes are cruelty free, eco-friendly, and a portion of the proceeds go toward PETA.

So now that you know the details, are you interested in Pam Anderson's fragrances?


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