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It's down to the wire on Project Runway! Last week's episode started with five contestants and ended with the three who will be going on to compete at Bryant Park. NYC's Fashion Week!

If you haven't seen the episode yet, be warned...spoilers ahead!


The show begins with the five remaining designers going to The Getty museum in Los Angeles for inspiration.

We're down to Althea, Carol Hannah, Irina, Giordana, and the lone male, Christopher.

Althea and Irina, who are obviously no longer "friends" talk about each other and the camera pans to Althea being so busy looking at the other designers that she stabs her model with a pin when fitting her. I giggled.

The designers were all over the place this week, and once again, no one really wowed me. Except for guest judge Cindy Crawford -- she looks so good!

The fashion show begins...

  • Althea's look is OK, Love the gold color. But Heidi called it a mess fest.
  • Carol Hannah's was eh. I loved the one shoulder braided strap and that's about it.
  • I didn't love Christopher's -- the top was OK...maybe. The judges liked the top, not the bottom. He cried...again! Oh Christopher.
  • Giordana's dress was the only one I liked. It was really pretty and I would wear it. Cindy said she would wear it, too.
  • Irina scraped the fur she had as part of her original design and went with a sort of drop waist flowing thing. I thought it was lame.

Overall, I was underwhelmed...again.

Then each of the designers are asked why they should stay and to name two others who should go to Bryant Park with them. Sneaky judges! They all say their piece (I'll spare the details) and it's decision time.

Irina, Carol Hannah, and Althea are going to fashion week -- all girls!

Christopher and Giordana are out.

It's too bad -- I really loved Giordana's dress this week. And I liked her.

What do you think of the three going on to Fashion Week? Do you think Christopher or Giordana deserved it more?


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