Weekly Want: Hooded Scarf

hooded scarf

Photo from Urban Outfitters

There are tons of ways to wear a scarf, but a hooded scarf introduces a whole new look. I know they makes hooded scarves for kids, and why not make them for adults -- we lose our hats, too! 

I really love Urban Outfitters' 2890 by Arne & Carlos Intarsia Hooded Scarf ($48) -- kind of expensive though. Maybe it's because it's from Scandinavian designers? I love the print and the length. And it delicately drapes over your head.

I also found these....


The Nobis "Debbie" Hooded Scarf from Bloomingdale's is so adorable, but my gosh -- $90! I will learn how to knit this one first. But how cute!

Then there's American Apparel's version -- Unisex Hooded Scarf ($22), which is lighter than the two other chunky knits and considerably less expensive. It's got that Little Red Riding Hood appeal, don't you think?


hooded scarf

Photo from Bloomingdale's

hooded scarf

Photo from American Apparel














Do you have a hooded scarf? What do you think of this style?


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