How Do You Keep Your Bag Clutter Free & Eco-Friendly?

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Photo by McQueeney

Being eco-friendly can also mean carrying around a lot of extra stuff in your purse -- from tote bags to water bottles...and if you have a baby, the diaper bag can also be that catch-all. Ideal Bite's Mama Bite contributor Jennifer Orr has a solution!

I thought I was being so green toting around all of the reusable things I need during the day in my eco-chic bag. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window: lumpy purse overflowing with bottles and snack containers, and a few salvaged plastic bags dangling from the strap. I realized I looked more like a bag lady than stylish eco-mama.


This would not do. So first, I replaced the tangle-y plastic bags I used to wrap stuff that might spill with a couple of lightweight, super cute, reusable nylon bags that I can fold up neatly into a tiny carrying case.

Next, I downsized our heavy stainless-steel water bottles to kid-size ones (10 ounces). And since my older daughter can drink from a water fountain (something she strangely relishes), I often just leave her bottle at home.

As for snack containers, I found some pocket-sized pouches that are easier to open than the bulky ones I was dragging around.  

Now my purse is much more manageable -- definitely more the look I was going for...more chic than shabby.

How do you keep your purse clutter free?


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