ShoeDazzle -- Kim Kardashian Will Outfit Your Feet

shoe dazzle kim kardashian

Photo from ShoeDazzle

Would you join a shoe society? One where Kim Kardashian is your personal shoe stylist (along with other celebrity stylists)?

I'm intrigued. I love shoes.

At ShoeDazzle, for just $39.95 a month, each month you get a new pair of shoes.

Here are the details...


When you join, you take a survey so the stylists can determine the types of shoes you like. You will be asked about what brands you like, whose style you most admire, what model's outfit looks best all so they determine your likes. Then each month, they present you with five choices -- you pick the shoe you want. But there is no obligation to can skip a month if you want.

If you spend a lot on shoes, this could be a great way to fulfill your shoe addiction without spending a ton.

What do you think? Would you join ShoeDazzle?


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