Flats! I Wear Them Now

combat bootsThere was nothing that was going to take my heels away from me. Nothing, I thought. Sure, the heels weren't always three-inches, but there was always a heel. Two inches were low to me.

Nothing...until I hit my third trimester of pregnancy. And it had to take that for me to understand the hype and get over my snobbery of flats.

I've said this before -- flats look great on others. But on me, they felt weird, didn't look good, even hurt my feet.


It's kind of like when I was back in the 80s and had huge hair. Huge is an understatement. It was so difficult for me to transition to a flat hairstyle. I thought flat hair looked ridiculous on me when, in fact, it was the other way around. Oh gotta love the 80s. (Not!)

But now that my feet are swollen, my balance is off, and heels are just out of the question, I bought a couple of pairs of flat boots. Shoes that will be more appropriate when I am running around the playground with my twins someday.

fake Uggs I bought the combat boot looking pair from Piperlime. How cute is the plaid lining on the inside?

The "fuggs" are my fake Uggs from Payless. And yes, I think they are kind of ugly on me, but they are super comfy so I am putting vanity aside. My mom thinks the sweater kind like these are the cutest. Cafe Kim likes them, too. And Cafe Kim would look cute in anything.

What heel height do you usually wear? Do you wear flats, too?


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